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Fishing in Kamchatka


Combined Transfer, Option 2

Program of a standard tour with combined transfer:

(to the Anavgai village and back – by car; to the camp and back to Anavgai – by helicopter)

Day 1

Meeting at the “Elizovo” airport of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, visiting of a supermarket (buying of personal foods, beverages, tobacco, etc. Transfer by minivan to Anvgai village (480 km, about 8 hours). Lunch or dinner (depending on the arrival time of the flight) in the cafe of the Milkovo town midway to Anvgai. Overnight at the hotel of the Anavgai village. In the village it is possible to visit a swimming pool with natural hot water.


Breakfast. Helicopter transfer to the camp (90 km, about 30 minutes). Familiarizing with the camp and camp staff, general and safety instruction. Lunch, preparation to the fishing, fishing the home pools. Dinner, resting at the camp fire.

Days 3-8

Breakfast. Fishing using jet-motor boats. Lunch at the camp, fishing using jet-motor boats. Dinner, resting at the camp fire.

* At this river there is a rule – barbless single hook only

Day 9

Breakfast. Helicopter transfer to Anavgai village (90 km, about 30 minutes). Overnight at the hotel of the Anavgai village. It is possible to visit the Even native “Menedek” camp, ethnographic museum at the Esso village, swimming pool with natural hot water.

Day 10

Transfer by minivan to Paratunka town (480 km, about 8 hours). Lunch in the cafe of the Milkovo town midway to Elizovo. Overnight at one of the hotels of the Paratunka resort zone with a swimming pool with natural hot water.

Day 11

(the last day of the tour)

One of the options (included in the tour cost) is the visit of the city, fish market, and souvenir store. Transfer to the airport, farewell.

Accommodations at the camp:

The fishermen will stay in roomy, comfortable camping-type tents (2 people per tent). Each person will have his own sleeping compartment with a folding bed. The camp has a comfortable dining tent, kitchen, wash-stands, shower, drying room for the clothes and shoes, electric generator, and sauna. The cell-phone coverage in the area is absent.

In the tour cost are included:

In the tour cost are not included:

    * The group is met and attended during the entire tour by the representative of our company.
    * In case of coordinated changes in the duration of the stay in Kamchatka it is possible to organize additional program which will be paid separately (the group will be attended by a representative of the company-organizer).

Program/Number of People. Total - 4 people. Total - 5 people. Total - 6 people.
Marine fishing 1 day per group $ 2 167. $ 2 167. $ 2 167.
Geyser Valley, 1 day per group $ 4 000. $ 5 000. $ 6 000.
Volcano ascent, per group $ 600. $ 734. $ 900.
Hotel, 1 day per group $ 367. $ 534. $ 550.
Transfer for 1 day per group $ 334. $ 334. $ 334.

* The cost of additional program is depicted in the 2013 prices. The organization of the additional program requires an advance payment; the program should be discussed not later than 2 months prior the tour start

Recommended outfit & equipment

Warm cap, baseball cap, neoprene gloves, thermal underwear, fleece coat & pants, sweater, spare lightweight socks, spare warm socks, Waders (hip-boots), wading boots with no studs, rain-coat with a hood, water-proof shoes for the camp (boots, snickers). Warm clothes are necessary – you might need them even in summer, during the cyclones and periods of cold fog. Individual medication, toiletry, and cosmetics (we recommend taking along hand care lotion, hygienic lip-stick, & sun-screen lotion). Head-lamp with spare cells, polarizing dark glasses. Insect repellents, clasp-knife, bathing suit, towel. Water-proof bag for personal belongings & gadgets. Photo- or video-camera. Smokers should bring 2-3 turbo-type lighters

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